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Conversational Threads' Adopted Charity -

Conversational Threads is an avid supporter of, often holding events to benefit the organization and donating any money collected from customers who offer it, be it in response to help received on their projects or just in general.  KIVA is a non-profit organization that allows us to lend money to low-income/underserved entrepreneurs in 86 countries.  

KIVA's mission is "to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty".  As often as possible, we choose people to receive our loans who are in some sort of fiber-related business.  More recently, we have also been funding fresh water equipment in tiny African villages.  As of July, 2015, we have over $8000 circulating in microfinance loans to deserving individuals through KIVA.

Our Team

Here at Conversational Threads customer satisfaction is our main concern.  Our helpful and knowledgeable staff goes out of their way to provide all of our patrons with exceptional customer service.  When you go to Conversational Threads, you can be certain that you will have a pleasant experience every single time!

Cindy Fitzpatrick-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Cindy didn't set out to own a yarn shop, but when she couldn't find the quality yarns locally for which she spent a lot of time searching, she took matters into her own hands and it happened!  Knitting and crocheting since the age of 5 with long periods of inactivity in both, now she could not imagine a life without some sort of needlework in her hands.

Barb Lamotte-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Since Barb's mother taught her to knit when she was 8 years old she has been knitting continually and has successfully passed the craft on to her daughter.  While knitting is her favorite, her grandmother also taught her to crochet.  Barb is thankful for the many great friends she has made at the shop, where you will find her most Mondays and Tuesdays.

Carolee Fegley-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Carolee's mother taught her to sew at a young age.  Soon after, her grandmother taught her to knit, and her love of fiber was ignited.  Thus, she expanded into weaving, dyeing, felting, rug hooking and spinning.  She particularly loves being inspired by all of the creative people that visit us at the shop, where you will find her hanging out with Bob on most Sundays.

Rachel Howard-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Rachel learned to knit at age eight with her mom, two pencils, and The Make It Book.  Her innumerable knitting disasters since then have given her the patience and empathy to teach beginning and struggling knitters.  She feels very fortunate to be a part of the ConversationalThreads community.

Nadeen McShane-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Deenie taught middle school English for decades, and she fretted she would be at loose ends when she retired.  Of course there was the husband, the dog, and the garden--but she needed something extra.  Knitting, naturally!  Her mother-in-law taught her to knit in 2009, and she fast found herself deeply engaged (or is it obsessed?).


Deb taught herself to crochet when she was 13 years old and moved from her West End Allentown neighborhood to "almost" Center City Allentown within walking distance of a yarn shop.  It has since become an addiction she will never give up.  She finds teaching crochet very satisfying, although she considers herself your Guide, not your Teacher. 

Melody Weisman-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Always fascinated by fiber, Melody began knitting as a  child.  Having been a spinner, weaver and quilter, she finds knitting satisfying.  A retired educator, Melody has taught children to knit and delights in the learning process.  She continues to find fiber arts intriguing and the shop a joyful haven.

Mary-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Mary learned to knit while studying photography at The Rhode Island School of Design.  She is currently our Window Dresser, knitting assistant and is the dyer of Conversational Threads' exclusive line of handpainted yarn.  As "hellskitsch" on Ravelry, she has knit for designers such as Stephen West, Carina Spencer and Wooly Wormhead, among others.

Simone Kereit-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Simone was born and raised in Switzerland and has been knitting for over 30 years. She dreams of snowy mountains as she knits and designs  to balance her active life with quiet time, slowing down and sitting for a change. 

Jackie Gustafson-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Jackie was inspired by the shop's former knitting teacher, Sue LaMontagne, to want to learn more about knitting.  She feels her knowledge of knitting shines most when working with beginner knitters, giving them extra help and encouraging them along their way.  Jackie is our KnitCompanion app expert.

Jean Byers-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Jean learned to knit in a local yarn shop at the age of 12, and she has never looked back!  You will find Jean in the shop on Thursday evenings helping students either learn to knit or further their knitting knowledge.  Otherwise, she is usually working on one of her favorite things to knit - sweaters!

Lavanya Patricella-Conversational Threads Fiber Arts Studio


Lavanya's Grandma taught her to knit 12 years ago and the rest is history.  She generally knits her own designs and her work ranges from baby items to one of a kind sweaters and everything in between.  Lavanya has been teaching knitting for the past 5 years in many different venues throughout Pennsylvania and we are very happy she has found a new home here at Conversational Threads.

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